Sariska Tiger Heaven - A Sterling Resort in Alwar, is a superb hotel. In Alwar, Sariska Tiger Heaven - A Sterling Resort offers online booking and comfortable living. Contact Sariska Tiger Heaven - A Sterling Resort in Alwar for tariffs.

Welcome to Sariska Tiger Heaven - A Sterling Resort , Alwar , India

Sariska Tiger Heaven - A Sterling Resort

A visit to Sariska is a wake-up call to just how much we have distanced ourselves from Mother Nature. Spend some time connecting with the beauty of the wilderness where the only noise you will hear is music to the ears - the rustling of leaves, the chirp of a bird and the call of the breeze that may blow softly on your face. There was a time when humankind co-existed with the natural ecosystem. In Sariska, the mystique of the ancient monuments is a reminder of that time. Explore Sariska from the comfort of Tiger Heaven, Sterling’s newest addition to its network of destinations.

Being a home to the world’s most famous wild animal the tiger, the reserve allows everyone to experience the wilderness of the forest and the adventure. Relax as the magnificent scenery unfolds outside your window. The sound of a hundred birds chirping and the blow of fresh breeze can rejuvenate your senses. The logo of Sariska – Tiger Heaven is inspired by the shape of Dhak leaves that grow abundantly in the region. The logo reflects the exquisite delights of the nature and the mesmerising beauty the resort.


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